Maybe you’re asking, why drive up vaccines? The current crisis that is COVID-19 is affecting the whole world in more ways than one. With a time of social distancing, healthcare providers and other available vaccination resources have changed the way they’re prioritizing even routine preventative care.

At Utah Family Pharmacy, we’re here to ensure vaccinations and immunizations are still readily available to the public. To us, they are considered essential. Especially when sending our kids back to school. 

We want to provide protection to our communities against preventable disease through vaccines. Lowering outbreaks of sickness that could compromise your health during a time of the highly contagious COVID-19. Also, with influenza season coming up, we’ve adapted and created the convenience of drive up vaccines.

Why Vaccines are Important

Backed by heaps of scientific research, immunizations and vaccines are long proven to help prevent the spread of dangerous diseases. Such as whooping cough, polio and preventing the breakout of these life threatening illnesses.

It’s been found that during the pandemic of COVID-19, the numbers of childhood vaccines administered have plummeted. 

Research done by the CDC (centers for disease control and prevention), shows that since the USA has felt the beginning of the virus in mid-March to April, doctors reported almost 2.5 million below the average for dosing of routine flu shots. Alongside 250,000 less vaccines administered for measles. This was compared to rates of vaccines performed in 2019.

When looking at the effects of infectious diseases on the world, they have serious and harmful side effects. Measles is extremely contagious and can cause pneumonia, brain inflammation and even blindness. Mumps can cause deafness and even meningitis.

Children missing the routine vaccines for such diseases compromises the controlled spread of dangerous illness and could cause much larger outbreaks in the future.

As vaccines are proven to fight off these diseases, it’s important for our children to receive the correct doses. Which includes two vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella. This could truly save lives.

How do they Work?

When you receive a vaccine, it is technically exposing your immune system to certain viruses and bacteria. Your body will build it’s immunity by fighting them off and protecting you from harmful bacteria if disease is contracted in the future.

We want to help provide access to the childhood vaccines needed to avoid contraction of preventable diseases in your children. Which helps to prevent additional strain on the already struggling healthcare system during the pandemic. Not only that, but prevents health complications in you and your loved ones.

The more population that gets proper vaccines administered, the less bacteria we have actively spreading disease. When you choose to receive vaccines and immunizations you’re not just protecting yourself, you’re protecting others too. That’s why it’s important to keep up to date on shots. Even during COVID-19.

Safely Receive Vaccines

Going anywhere during this pandemic can be daunting and nerve wracking. That’s why at Utah Family Pharmacy we’ve made getting vaccines and immunizations during COVID safe and simple.

We realize going to your primary care doctor, or regular place of vaccination during the outbreak is scary. It is good to stay aware, but there’s no need to be scared if you take the proper precautions.

All healthcare facilities and providers are taking the steps to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Keeping a safe environment is important and also required.

Since the CDC has created strict guidelines for health providers during COVID-19, you can safely receive vaccines. We frequently sanitize, wear masks at all times, social distance and limit the capacity of our facilities. 

Drive Up Convenience

Utah Family Pharmacy knows that one of the best ways to protect you and your family from flu, whooping cough and other childhood diseases is to provide vaccinations at convenient times and locations. 

You can even arrange for us to visit your workplace to provide vaccinations to employees or members of your organization.

With the active pandemic of COVID-19, we’ve implemented a drive up vaccine option. At any one of our locations, we want to keep vaccines available. 

The process is simple as:

  1. Calling to schedule an appointment.
  2. Show up on time and park in the designated areas for our drive up vaccine services.
  3. Call our office and let us know you’ve arrived.
  4. A trusted provider will take all safety precautions as they come to your vehicle and administer your vaccines car side. 

We truly want to protect you and especially your children who have to stay up to date on their vaccinations. During a virus outbreak, it’s become even more important to take precautions against illness.

When to Get Your Vaccines

Depending on the age group, certain vaccinations should be administered accordingly. It’s recommended by the CDC that child and adolescent vaccines are performed from birth to ages 18 years.

Vaccines are available for a number of preventable diseases in children. Including, but not limited to:

  • Polio
  • Tetanus
  • Whooping Cough
  • Varicella
  • PCV
  • MMR

It’s recommended by health professionals that you and your loved ones (children especially), also receive your annual flu shots.

Keeping up on vaccines keeps you safe in more ways than just helping to prevent the chances of getting sick. During COVID-19, it’s best to stay away from places such as hospitals and clinics. Keeping the chances of exposure to coronavirus as low as possible. 

With our drive up vaccine convenience, you can protect yourself and loved ones from disease and keep the possibility of complications during a pandemic out of your home.

The CDC has created an immunization schedule, making sure you don’t skip your child’s vaccines. Ensuring enough time for proper planning and protection for your kids while getting their vaccines. 

Keeping the chances of contracting disease is at its lowest when you follow the recommended vaccination schedule.

How Pharmacies Can Help

Although a pandemic has created a very different and ever evolving day to day life, today’s science and health care providers are evolving right alongside it all.

As a pharmacy, we want to keep your access to vaccines easily obtainable. That’s why we’ve chosen to practice drive up vaccines on top of our normal pharmacy services. Wanting to keep Utah healthy and our children up to date on all vaccines and immunizations during COVID-19.

Meeting all of the requirements to administer vaccines such as:

  • Following the CDC and FDA guidelines for vaccines.
  • Training and licensing to correctly administer vaccinations.
  • Following immunization schedules.

Following many other requirements, we are well equipped and knowledgeable to provide vaccines for you and your loved ones. Even during COVID-19.

The above requirements are consistent with many states that already permit licensed pharmacists to order and administer vaccines to children.

The CDC recently reported a worrying low rate of routine childhood immunizations. Most likely because of stay at home and social distancing orders. It is important to follow COVID-19 restrictions put in place, but that’s why we’ve provided a safe way to still receive vaccines. 

Missing routine vaccinations could easily become a major threat to the health of the public. Considered another possible detrimental effect from the COVID-19 outbreak.

We Want You to Stay Safe

At Utah Family Pharmacy, we made getting vaccines and immunizations during COVID-19 convenient and fast. We have implemented our drive up vaccine program to do our part in keeping children and others up to date on their vaccines.

This is a scary time and if we all do our part, we can help lower the rise in childhood disease and influenza from missed immunizations. Especially during a time where immunocompromised and high risk patients are doing their best to avoid contracting any illness, specifically COVID-19.

Choosing to stay up to date on vaccinations with our convenient service, creates less risk of illness. Which in turn does it’s own part by helping your immune system if exposed to coronavirus, or other illness. Protect yourself and others.

So, help us help you! Together we’ll keep the community safe. Contact us today and schedule an appointment for obtainable, drive up vaccines.