Located in Hurricane Utah, the Family Pharmacy branch was quick to respond to the public crisis of slow COVID-19 test results. Creating a faster option for Southern Utah and it’s residents’ ability to receive their results within 15 minutes, no doctor’s recommendation required.

Southern Utah residents looking for fast COVID-19 testing have a convenient new option. Hurricane Family Pharmacy has created a safe and efficient rapid testing process. No appointment necessary, curbside testing.

When it comes to COVID-19 testing, the delay in results has possibly hindered the public and its ability to proceed correctly with possible exposure and self isolation guidelines. By launching rapid, curbside testing Hurricane Family Pharmacy has created quicker, more obtainable test results for the community.

The announcement of the pharmacy’s COVID-19 curbside testing could help the delay in results and allow citizens of Southern Utah to receive their test results in just 15 minutes. With conventional testing at the local hospitals taking up to five days. Patients also need either a doctor’s recommendation, or to already be showing symptoms in order for testing to be approved.

By creating quick COVID-19 testing with no appointment, or doctor’s recommendation needed, Hurricane Family Pharmacy is allowing the residents of Southern Utah to safely and rapidly receive their results and react accordingly. Helping to slow the spread of the Virus by creating more obtainable testing for their community.

While one doesn’t need to have present symptoms to get tested here, symptoms that may warrant a test include cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, fatigue, muscle ache, sore throat, headache, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, recent loss of taste or smell, or confusion.

Located in Hurricane, Utah you can contact Hurricane Family Pharmacy online, or call 435-635-8200 for more on their COVID-19 testing.