Since it was first reported in 2019, COVID-19 has been a household name. While everyone wants to believe what they know about COVID, only the researched and medically proven information about it matters to diagnosis and treatment.

More information keep coming out by day about COVID vaccines, tests, and variants that you need to keep abreast with.

One such worry people have is whether they can get both Flu and COVID-19 and be tested for both simultaneously.

If you live in Utah, you’re probably wondering about this too and many more topics like; how the existing vaccines are helping against the Delta variant.

We will help you get answers to all these questions as that’s what we’ve been specializing in at Utah Family Pharmacy for the last two years. Read on!

What is COVID-19 Delta Variant, and do the Existing Vaccines Work Against it?

The COVID-19 virus has had a few mutations since it was first reported. The delta variant‘s latest one is about 60% more contagious than the original Covid strain.

One of the rampant questions we receive at Utah Family Pharmacy is whether the available vaccines help counter the impact of the Delta variant.

While this variant is aggressive and highly contagious, we have continued to administer the same vaccines we issued to patients with the earlier variants.

Our free vaccinations and the Moderna and Pfizer boosters are doing a great job against the Delta variant when patients adhere to the other COVID-19 protocols.

Those who already received complete vaccinations of the Pfizer and Moderna shots are now ready to get the booster shots, which we’re already administering.

After Biden announces the soon arrival of the third shots for Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, the wait and anticipation now come to an end for Utah residents.

If you’re yet to take your first shot or are looking to take a repeat test for the Delta variant, you’re always welcome for the services.

We charge $30 for running a Strep test and $100 for COVID and flu combination test.

The Commonly used Vaccines against COVID-19

If you were worried whether the existing vaccines are in any way effective in containing the spread of the Delta variant, then you shouldn’t be. The World Health Organization (WHO) Okayed the continual use of the existing vaccines in the fight against COVID-19.

The most preferred vaccines include J&J, Moderna, and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines. Experts estimate each vaccine’s efficacy on the Delta variant as follows:

J&J vaccine – about 67% effective

Moderna vaccine – between 67 and 95% effective depending on the age, sex, and other factors

Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine – between 42 and 96% effective depending on age, sex, and other factors

We mainly administer Moderna and Pfizer vaccines because of their high efficacy rates in Utah and its surrounding. While these vaccines are not 100% effective, they go a long way in helping users reduce the likelihood of contracting the deadly COVID-19 virus.

We always advise our patients to continue observing other preventive measures even after receiving their shots.

Remember: There’s still a lot of research and scientific studies underway concerning the nature of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, there’s no conclusive and effective way of treating and eliminating the virus other than remaining vigilant and avoiding it at all costs.

The Close Relation between Flu and COVID-19

If you were keen to follow experts’ reports about flu cases when strict preventive restrictions were in place, you would agree that flu cases were lower then.

Experts attribute these low flu cases to the strict adherence to the measures to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

However, the recent past months have seen some of these measures relaxed, and there’s a worry that flu cases will rise again and subsequently increase the spread of COVID.

When people meet freely and share in the flu season, the risk of spreading both the flu and COVID is higher than ever with the emerging Delta variant.

Experts are more worried that those who aren’t vaccinated against either of these viruses (the flu and COVID viruses) are more at risk of double infection – getting both viruses at once.

For this reason, we’re administering a combination of flu and Covid vaccines together at the discounted rate of $100, so you can have all the solutions at once.

Where Can You Get Your Flu and COVID-19 Vaccine

At the onset of flu, the first thing you’ll think of is where to get the suitable vaccine to remain safe throughout the flu season. However, during this COVID-19 period, you cannot just go for a flu vaccine and leave it at that.

Taking the flu and COVID-19 vaccine at a go is the best way to remain with the highest level of protection during the flu season when you’re most vulnerable.

At Utah Family Pharmacy, we offer flu vaccines for free if you have insurance. You can visit us in any of our stores in Hurricane, Price, or Gunnison for a combination of flu and COVID vaccination anytime you’re around these cities.

Are Influenza A and B Tests included?

Running nose, sore throat, fever, chills, headaches, coughs, etc., are some of the common symptoms of Influenza A and B. But what do these symptoms remind you of? COVID-19, right?

Since all these three viruses exhibit the same symptoms in the body, we equally offer Influenza A and B tests whenever you come in for a COVID test, to be sure.

We administer one COVID test that shows whether you’re positive for Influenza A,

B, or COVID and offer different treatments for any condition we find positive in your blood.

So, whether it’s influenza type A or B or the COVID virus that you’re looking to test for, we will always give you a single practical test to save you time and money.

How effective is Our COVID-19 Test?

You’ve probably heard of the few cases of ineffective COVID-19 tests around the globe. Whether this ineffectiveness results from using a substandard test kit or wrong usage of the same, no one wishes to have an ineffective test run on them.

Like any other recommended testing procedure, our testing process includes both the antigen and antibody tests. We use different samples to land to a common goal of finding if the samples have the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

We use seamless and effective curbside COVID-19 testing with a promise of reliable results within ten minutes. The curbside testing process helps us understand your case better when administering the test and when offering treatment afterward if needed.

The good news is that you’ll have little or nothing to worry about if your test turns out positive. We will give you a free immune pack to get you started in your journey to recovery.

If you prefer monoclonal antibody treatment, we also offer this option in our Hurricane Family Pharmacy. Most of our patients prefer the monoclonal antibody treatment as it’s found to give more satisfactory results.

Initial clinical trials on the effectiveness of monoclonal drug treatment prove that they can reduce hospitalization and death cases linked to COVID-19 by about 70%.

Another good thing about monoclonal antibody treatment is that it reduces your risk of acquiring an infection by up to 80% when exposed to infected persons.

How the President’s Directives on Curbing COVID-19 has impacted our Service Delivery

According to The White House, President Biden released a detailed Covid-19 action plan that will see a significant improvement in the way COVID-19 is tackled in the future.

The proposal champions improved and better ways of approaching the new Covid-19 variant to protect every citizen of America.

First, the president proposed that the unvaccinated go for vaccination so that everyone starts from the same point of reference. His government has been on the move to make vaccination available to every citizen of age 12 and over.

We have been bringing out our A-game to help the government achieve its vaccination targets by receiving and offering approved vaccines to Utah, Price, and Hurricane residents.

More companies are giving their workers time off to go for the vaccine or tests. This is in response to Biden’s proposal that employers with more than 100 employees should be vaccinated or tested every week.

Once vaccinated, the president suggests further protection of those who are already fully vaccinated. These groups of people can always come for the Moderna or Pfizer booster shots we provide at our Utah Family Pharmacy.

The Presidential team of experts believes the approved booster shots will go a long way in providing the highest level of protection to those who are already vaccinated.

We Go to Schools and Organizations to Administer Vaccines and Tests

Another of the President’s directives was that schools should remain open, but safely so. Sometimes, schools can be highly challenging to send students and staff to health centers for shots and tests.

We understand this and are always on the lead to help schools receive their jabs and tests right where they are.

And that’s not all; we are equally free to move to companies and organizations that need their staff vaccinated or tested from the work premises. We always have a team ready to set up a temporary medical tent in your organization or school to offer the required testing and vaccination services.

After testing, there’s a need for active follow-up and regular screening of your staff or students to ensure everyone remains safe and protected. So you can work with

us as your in-house Covid vaccination and testing team to ensure everyone in your company, school, or organization is safe at all times.

While the vaccines are free, the tests come at a cost that we shall agree with the school’s administration based on the numbers involved.

Covid-19 Treatment Protocols

When the need for admission or treatment at home arises, the right Covid-19 treatment protocols must be adhered to.

We have given more than 11,000 Covid vaccines since the arrival of these vaccines, and for the entire period, we’ve encountered various extreme cases that needed extra care.

The government recommends that fair cases where patients can still breathe easily without oxygen tanks be attended to at home with close monitoring.

We’ll help set up an isolation room for your patient who needs care at home, as this is the first critical thing to do.

Once we have your patient in isolation, we can check their fever and administer fever-reducing treatment or drugs. This should help keep their rage in check.

Having sufficient energy is crucial for survival during recovery. We will recommend a befitting diet that will keep you energized and lots of fluids to keep you hydrated for the entire period.

A small percentage of Covid-19 patients encounter acute cases of pneumonia and might have trouble breathing normally.

Such patients will need professional care in hospitals where they’re under watch 24/7. Oxygen tanks are necessary for these cases, and doctors will offer other treatments like pneumonia and respiratory system to help the patient recover as fast as possible.

We’ll always be there to help you and your loved ones at every step of the recovery journey. You can always trust us to follow the right treatment protocols for the best recovery results.

Get the Best COVID-19 and Flu Test and Vaccine Services at Utah Family Pharmacy

By now, we hope you already understand how crucial it is to have your Covid-19 and flu tests and vaccines coming in simultaneously. This is akin to solving two problems with one effective solution, as it saves you the time and energy of moving around and scheduling different appointments for these two medical services.

What’s more important is to identify where you will get the jab and test before you present yourself for these crucial vaccines and tests.

At Utah Family Pharmacy, we specialize in giving our clients the best medical services and are proud to join this war against Covid-19.

Please feel free to contact or visit us anytime soon to schedule your first appointment with our Price, Hurricane, and Gunnison offices.