High Blood Pressure Rx Support



Offsets common HBP drug side effects, promotes health, and contains crystal-free Co-Q10, digestive enzymes, and multi-vitamin formula.

Say good-bye to those side effects

Solutions Rx HBP Rx Support is a multivitamin and enzyme combination that’s specifically designed to rid your body of those unnecessary side effects due to drug induced nutrient HBP as a result of by high blood pressure medications.
Recipe for success
Solutions Rx HBP Rx Support was formulated by using several studies, books, side effect profiles, disease states, and real patient experiences.
Give your body the very best
All of the Solutions Rx HBP Rx Support contains a wide array of vitamins including thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and lipase just to name a few.
Get your daily dose of vitamin B
Vitamin B deficiencies can lead to a wide array of medical issues including low energy, depression, edema, irritability, memory loss, muscle weakness, and other side effects. Solutions Rx HBP Rx Support has your daily recommended dose.


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