Daily Medication Packs

What Are Med Packs?

Customizable packaging for your specific medications. Each package will have the patient’s name, the date, as well as what time the patient is supposed to take the medication and etc. No more “did I take that medication?” or counting pills to see how many you took since starting the prescription. This will help patients in taking their medication exactly when they are supposed to, and help eliminate missing doses or accidental double dosing.

Why Should I Use Med Packs?

Many people do not realize how important it is to take their medications exactly as prescribed, without missing doses. Following the medpack system will help you to take your medication exactly when you’re supposed to without the worry of “did I already take it today?”. Take the stress out of the equation when taking medications. Medpacks are here to make your experience as simple as possible.

The average prescription fill of a 30 day maintenance medication happens every 44 days, so that’s how compliant or adherent most people are, not very, right? This pouch/package system, makes us take the medication exactly when we are supposed to take it, which in turn helps people to adhere to filling their prescriptions appropriately.

What Are The Benefits?

The med pack helps to keep people in their homes longer, it keeps our parents in their homes and independent longer, because they are taking their medications exactly right. Less doctor visits, less hospital admissions or readmissions. Which is what we strive for, keeping everyone healthy and happy for the extent of their lives.