Vaccines and Immunizations

What Vaccinations Do I Need To Get?

Now there are a few vaccines we recommend to have administered simply as a precaution. To protect yourself from things like chickenpox, pneumonia, meningitis, or even shingles. Being only precautionary immunizations, these will not be required before any mission unless specified.

At Utah Family Pharmacy, we can help any  future missionary create and follow an immunization plan before leaving for their MTC. With multiple locations, we’ll help you find the perfect time and place to receive your vaccinations.

When choosing appropriate vaccinations before traveling as a missionary, it’s important to take into consideration outlying factors that may put your health at risk. Here are a few things to consider when choosing which not required vaccines to have administered before leaving for the MTC.

  • Risk of exposure to the disease.
  • Age, health status, and vaccination history.
  • Any other possible risk factors.
  • Reactions to previous vaccine doses, or any allergies.
  • Risk of infecting others.
  • Cost of specialty vaccines.

Update Your Vaccine History

If rural to the state of Utah, you know that a select few vaccinations were required for entry to school. The majority of these vaccines that were administered properly in childhood do require booster shots periodically in the future. Which seems to be often forgotten by most. You need to keep immunity by updating your vaccines and keeping track of when they were administered.

Some young adults may find they’ve never had the proper vaccinations completed. When traveling it’s crucial to protect yourself against diseases that may not be prominent in the US, but could possibly be in other countries.

Taking the proper pre travel precautions is important, especially for missionaries who could be moving to these countries. Booster doses and regular vaccinations for those who have had past doses. If you’ve never been vaccinated, you’ll need to be administered all first doses of required immunizations.

Utah Family Pharmacy can help all future missionaries and family’s update their vaccinations.

Travel Vaccinations

Planning a trip? Click HERE to search the country you are traveling to, and call us to schedule any required or recommended vaccinations.

Missionary Vaccinations

Each Missionary should complete their immunizations before entering the MTC. Click HERE to find out what Vaccines are recommended and call us to schedule.

Child Immunization Recommendations

Utah Family Pharmacy offers many vaccines and immunizations. CLICK HERE to find Utah’s Childhood Immunization schedule.