Pharmacy Services


Daily Medication Packets

Here at Utah Family Pharmacy we have the ability to make medication packets for you and your family. Each package will have the person’s name, the date, as well as what time you are supposed to take the medication. This service, that we provide free of charge, will help you and your family take their medications at the right time every day. No more will you have to ask yourself  “did I take my medication?” or the cumbersome task of counting pills to see how many you took since starting the prescription. This will help you and your family take their medication exactly when they are supposed to, and help eliminate missing doses or accidental double dosing. Another great option is we can also include daily vitamins into the packets.

Free Delivery

Utah Family Pharmacy offers free home and office delivery for their patients. This is not your typical delivery service either. We have three cars devoted to deliveries throughout Washington County every week. This means deliveries are timely and much more conv  to deliver medications to people’s homes. Traveling from Hilldale all the way to Sunriver and Kayenta everyday. Travel to Cedar City happens one day a week, and Springdale one day a week.

Mail Delivery

Offered within the state of Utah, Hurricane Family Pharmacy offers mail delivery for their patients. When requesting a refill, please select mail delivery.

Custom Compounding

Here at Utah Family Pharmacy we can make your medications specifically for your individual needs. By altering and mixing the raw medications ourselves we create dosages that meet exactly what your practitioners has prescribed for you.

A great benefit of our custom compounding is that we can put these medications in a variety of delivery options. Some of these include a gel, capsule, external cream or syrup. We also offer flavoring for chew-able and drinkable medications, perfect for helping children take their medications. We can also create these custom medications for the beloved pet in your family.

Medication Synchronization

Along with the Medication Packaging, we offer Medication Synchronization. With this free service we make sure all your medications are synced, so when you run out you run out of them all at the same time. This way you’re not going to the pharmacy several times a month to get refills, it will all be available at the same time. We also offer family syncing, where the entire families medication is synced together, making it easier to pick up the refills, everyone’s prescription goes out on the same day for pick up or use our free delivery.

Medication Therapy Management

Medication Therapy Management happens before you are put onto the Medication Packet service, or by request. This service is where your pharmacist will go through all your paperwork with you to make sure that you understand your medications, makes sure there are no duplications and will also go through side effects. This service is offered to each patient every 90 days to make sure you and your family are confident that the medications you are taking are safe and effective

Flu Shots and Immunizations

We offer immunizations for the entire family here. There are several nurses on our staff that can administer flu shots, shingles vaccines, travel vaccines and more.Utah Family Pharmacy knows that one of the best ways to protect you and your family from flu, whooping cough and so-called “childhood” diseases is to provide vaccinations at convenient times and locations. You can even arrange for us to visit your workplace to provide vaccinations to employees or members of your organization.

Home Medical Equipment

Hurricane Family Pharmacy offers in home medical equipment that is sturdy, reliable and inexpensive! Such as; grab bars, walkers, wheelchairs and more! No more paying someone to come and install bars into your bathrooms, simply use the advanced suction grab bars. No damage to your home and can be taken out easily with no hassle.

Health and Wellness

The way we feel can greatly affect how we look or appear on the outside. It is just as important to take care of your insides as it is to take care of your outsides. That is why health and beauty are so important to us. We do our best to provide the most helpful information to our customers about which products will best suite them and why.

Wellness & Nutrition

When you fuel your body, are you giving it the right care it needs supplementation wise? Or do you eat for taste and convenience? Most of the time we tend to eat foods based on what our tastebuds like and neglect what our body truly craves. We offer you and your family only the best vitamins to help compensate for the lack of them in your diet, for free!

Over the Counter

We only offer the highest quality medications for our customers. We take the time to do the research, even look all over the country to make sure we bring only the finest medications to our pharmacy. This being said, a lot of things you find here, you will not be able to get at franchise-type locations. That is what we strive to do, offer only the best.


At the Utah Family Pharmacies, we take pride in serving our community. We offer a variety of services to fit the needs of our customers. Stop by today and check out the services we have to offer! We accept almost all insurance and are happy to bill them for you. For answers to your specific questions, please contact us.