Prenatal Vitamins


Why Are Prenatal Vitamins Important?

Containing a variety of vitamins and minerals, prenatal vitamins are essential for the development of a healthy baby.

Women before, during and after pregnancy should be ensuring they recieve the correct intake of folic acid, iron and calcium. These needs will increase during pregnancy. Not only are these supplements needed to keep a healthy lifestyle, but they’re vital to the proper growth of a fetus.

A healthy diet and exercise alone won’t provide all of the needed vitamins and minerals for the health of a developing baby. Taking prenatal vitamins is recommended to reduce the risk of serious birth defects in the brain, or spine, such as spina bifida.

Where Can I Get Prenatal Vitamins?

With free local delivery at Utah Family Pharmacy, you can now have easy access to the prenatal vitamins you need. With options for delivery right to your door, or through the mail for free. Fill the possible nutritional gaps in your diet with prenatal vitamins.

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