Wellness & Nutrition

Nutrition in Food

Have you considered the nutritional value of the food you’ve eaten today, or are your eating decisions based on taste and convenience? The connection between wellness and nutrition is often overlooked, since most of us tend to eat the things that appeal to our taste buds rather than what our bodies truly crave.

Is your body getting the protein, vitamins, calcium, minerals and fiber it needs to function properly? If we all ate the right foods in the proper amounts, vitamins and nutritional supplements would be unnecessary for most people. The unfortunate truth is that the average American eats too many foods that are high in solid fats, sugars and salt, and neglects the fruits, vegetables, dairy and lean protein sources necessary for good health.

Should You Take Vitamins?

One of the best ways to compensate for our dietary deficiencies is to take vitamins and other nutritional supplements on a daily basis. That’s one reason why Hurricane Family Pharmacy provides free vitamins when you visit our pharmacy. We care about you and your family, and want to do what we can to improve your health and wellness.
In addition to dietary supplements, we provide a full-range of medications to help you deal with the effects of poor nutrition. Elevated blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and many other serious threats to good health can be successfully treated with safe and inexpensive drugs.

Come on in to the Hurricane Family Pharmacy and talk with one of our highly trained and certified professionals to see what you can do to improve your family’s health and wellness through nutritional supplements and helpful pharmaceuticals. We’ve got vitamins for you just for making a visit!

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