Did you ever face any allergic issues during the spring season? You need to know that you are not the only one to face this challenge. Different types of allergies can occur between February and early summer. You need to know the difference between seasonal allergies and perennial allergies. Seasonal allergies occur during a specific season, such as spring allergy. On the other hand, perennial allergy symptoms occur throughout the year. Utah family pharmacy will explain to you the symptoms of season spring allergies. Along with this, it will shed some light on the causes and medical treatment of seasonal allergies.How Do Seasonal Allergies Affect Your Body | Johnson & Johnson


Before analyzing the symptoms of spring allergies, it is crucial to evaluate its causes. One needs to know what allergy is, and how it occurs in specific seasons? According to the medical definition, an allergy occurs when a human’s immune system reacts to any harmless substance, such as pollen. These harmful substances are also known as allergens, which directly or indirectly affect the human body’s functioning. When a person faces any allergy due to seasonal pollens, the allergens affect the body’s antibodies. These antibodies release histamine and other chemicals, causing swelling in the eyes and nose. The purpose of this reaction of antibodies is to stop allergens from entering the human body. The affected person faces sneezing, headache, flue, itchy, fatigue, asthma, cough, and eye allergies.

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You might have heard a lot of myths regarding seasonal allergies. Some people think that these are not curable. It is not the case! Having better medical knowledge of the symptoms of season spring allergies can help you. For this purpose, you can also get help from the experts. They can guide you on how to focus on the main symptoms and resolve them accordingly. If you did not consult with an expert, no need to worry. Following are some guidelines about some of the symptoms of season spring allergies.

1. Sneezing

When the offending plant releases pollen during the spring, it makes its way to the human nose. Now, these allergens immediately activate the antibodies, associated with the immune system. The brain passes the message to the immune system to eject the allergens via the nose immediately. This entire process causes sneezing. You may also experience sneezing and flue due to COVID-19 or cold but the symptoms are different. The major difference is in body temperature. If you are facing spring allergies, then it won’t cause fever, extreme exhaustion, or body aches. In some cases, you may feel tired. 

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2. Sore Throat and Cough

Sprint allergies reflect the reaction of the human body to pollens or allergens. In response to this, people may also experience swelled nasals, which may also cause post-nasal drip. This results in tickling and itchy mucus from the sinuses to the throat. The affected people can experience cough and sore throat. To avoid this symptom, medical and healthcare specialists often suggest nasal drops or recommend wearing masks. 

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3. Itchy Eyes

Just like the nasals, the eyes may also face swelling as one of the symptoms of season spring allergies. When the pollen tries to enter the human body via the eyes, the brain activates antibodies. The human antibodies eject histamine chemicals to react against tree pollen. This causes swelling and inflammation in the human eyes. The people may face itchy, gritty, and watery eyes. 

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4. Headache

The human body’s reaction to the allergens also causes swelling of the nasals and eye glands, leading to nasal blockage and creating pressure on head nerves. This results in severe headaches and a stuffy nose, which is also known as “Sinus Headache.” Also, in some cases when the post-nasal drip, the runny nose causes congestion clogging up the human body’s sinuses and nose and causes backing everything up. This also leads to serious headache issues.

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5. Itchy and Dry Skin

Not only nasals and eyes, but sometimes skin reacts to the pollens too. As the pollens interact with human skin, the reaction causes eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, a dry and itchy skin. Also, in some cases, people may face rashes all over the body, which also irritates them. Sometimes people may face skin inflammation as a result of an allergen reaction. One must know that skin issues may also occur due to skin disease or perennial allergies. Therefore, taking medical advice from experts is highly recommended.

6. Itchy and Clogged Air

As mentioned above, the human brain immediately responds to the entering allergens. It activates the antibodies and causes swallowing in the nasals and eyes. It also increases the inflammation within the ear walls. The affected people may also face clogging and itching in their ears.  These ear-associated issues may also be a result of a stuffy nose and swallowed nasals. 

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7. Asthmatic Symptoms

You might have heard about increasing breathing challenges to allergens-affected people. This is because when the antibodies release chemicals, it causes inflammation of the throat, nasals, and all entering pathways. It also affects the breathing associated matters and causes blockage in the airways of the human body causing lungs allergy and more breathing challenges. In other words, allergens trigger asthmatic symptoms within the human body. Due to increasing spring allergies in the United States, approximately 25 million people are facing asthma. In this case, expert guidance can help to deal with such allergies-associated challenges. 

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Suggested Treatment 

Now if you are experiencing symptoms, it is time to treat spring allergies. Preferably, we recommend you consult the medical experts, who can guide you to the right treatment. If you have not consulted an expert yet, this article may guide you with basic treatments. Overall the treatments are divided into three sections; medication, Immunotherapy, and Home remedies. 


There is a wide range of medications Utah family pharmacy offer that helps to treat seasonal spring allergies. Before taking any medicine, it is recommended to consult medical specialists. Some of the medicines are as follows;

Antihistamines: This medicine helps people to get relief in symptoms. It controls sneezing, runny nose, and itching. You can get this medicine in the form of pills, syrup, and nasal spray. 

Decongestants: In actuality, the major reason for the season spring allergies is nasal swallowing. This medicine helps you by shrinking the nasal lines and reducing stuffiness. People may get relief in symptoms, including ear clogging and itching eyes. This medicine is also available in all forms; pills, syrup, and nasal spray.

Leukotriene Receptors: This medicine is available only in the table forms. It actually can control the action and reaction of antibodies against allergens. Antibodies do not release chemicals that cause nasal congestion. Thus, people get relief from their symptoms of season spring allergies.


If you are fed up with the symptoms of season spring allergies, it is time to take action. You need to consult with the therapist for a long-term solution. The experts will suggest your immunotherapy for allergies. This therapy aims to desensitize people to seasonal allergies. This therapy treatment fits the best solution for those who may experience some medical reactions. Also, it is helpful when no medication has helped you to overcome the allergy associated issues. There are two types of immunotherapies;

Allergy shots: In this treatment, the affected people are recommended to get shots for three to five years. These injections help you to build up resistance against the allergens. Also, it controls the human body’s reaction to pollens and other allergens. 

Sublingual Tablets: In this treatment, the expert may suggest special tablets. The affected people have to dissolve a tablet under/her tongue, as per the expert’s prescription. This treatment is continued for three years. Finally, the tablets control the body’s reaction to the allergens and help in getting relief. 

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Home Remedies

If you are not satisfied with any medication and treatment, then we suggest you some home remedies. Several natural remedies may help you to get relief in symptoms of season allergies. Some of these remedies are;

Steam inhalation: the steam helps the affected people to get relief from nasal congestion. It also soothes the nasal passages and opens the blogged or clogged airways. This can be done by inhaling steam from the boiling water. For this treatment, take some boiling water in a bowl and cover your head with a cloth. Now, inhale steam from the bowl and let vapors clear your airways. 

Saline Rinse: In this type of treatment, you need to use saline drops. These drops help you to get rid of a stuffy nose or the congestion in nasal ways. Especially, in case of mucus dripping, the saline rinse may help you the best. The solution also clears out allergens from the sinuses and nasals. This will help in getting relief from symptoms of season spring allergies.

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This article might have helped you to understand the causes, symptoms, and treatment of spring allergies. Utah family pharmacy further recommends you always consult the medical specialist first. Even if you are trying home remedies, suggestions from experts will bring more benefits in treatment. Please visit our website, if you need to know more regarding symptoms of season spring allergies. Utah family pharmacy wishes you the best of luck and healthy life ahead!