When choosing a pharmacy to fill your prescriptions at regularly, you may want to put in more thought than originally planned. There’s a few factors that most people apply when picking their regular pharmacy.  Such as convenience, level of customer service, wait times and more. 

When deciding on a pharmacy near you, location is probably your top priority in convenience when filling prescriptions. What if Utah Family Pharmacy told you we’re not only locally convenient, but we also offer free delivery! Saving you time and money every time you need a prescription filled. 

Support a local business while receiving great service. Here’s what makes Utah Family Pharmacy the best pharmacy near you.

What Utah Family Pharmacy Offers

With so many corporate pharmacy businesses, we at Utah Family Pharmacy can offer you things they can’t. By choosing us we provide a personal, family owned pharmacy relationship. We make you and your loved ones’ health personal to us. 

Free Delivery Options

Utah family pharmacy free delivery

When choosing a pharmacy, most people’s top priority is location and convenience to you. We know that the last thing most people would like to do is go out of their way during the day to wait in long lines for prescriptions. They could easily be delivered to you instead! Taking a modern approach to running errands, we do this one for you.

Offering free local home and office delivery, we save you from having to find time in your busy schedule to stop at a pharmacy for pick ups. No wait times in long lines, we offer the delivery of  your prescriptions straight to you! 

Maybe you have an ever changing schedule. You’re constantly traveling, or are to and from work. We’ve also created a prescription mailing service for our patients. With unexpected lives and busy schedules, we make sure your prescriptions get to you on time.  

We know life can be hectic and sometimes lapse in prescriptions you’re taking can happen. We understand not having the time to pick up your prescriptions, or vitamins. At Utah Family Pharmacy, we make sure that doesn’t happen. Getting your prescriptions to you on time and for free. Can’t get much easier than that.

Free Vitamins and Custom Compounding

When looking for the best pharmacy near you, there’s probably some factors you don’t consider.

At Utah Family Pharmacy, we incorporate several great add ons to our service. Offering free vitamins to you and all of your loved ones! Including specialized ones, such as prenatal. You may stop by any of our Utah locations for a free week’s supply. 

On top of that, we take the time to personalize and custom compound your medications. Whether they’re for you, family members, or even your sweet family dog. We do it all. By altering and mixing the raw medications ourselves we create dosages that meet exactly what your practitioners have prescribed for you.

Daily Medication Packets and Synchronization

daily medication packets

Tired of not remembering if you’ve taken your medications, or how many you’ve taken? Maybe you’re keeping track of a family member’s medication intake. 

At Utah Family Pharmacy we make the process of daily medication intake and pill supply simple and smart. Making us the choice of a pharmacy near you undeniable!

With our personalized medication packets, we provide by each person their name, date and time of medication intake. Helping you and your family members take your prescriptions at the right time each day. Also avoiding double dosing, or missing a day of medication.

Along with the medication packets, we can include personalized vitamin plans and include them with your daily prescriptions.

On top of daily medication management, we provide prescription synchronization. Keeping track of sometimes multiple personal prescriptions, on top of other members of your family can be daunting. Prescriptions run out at separate times and it creates multiple trips to the pharmacy a month for refills and pickups.

We can sync the entire family’s prescription refills into one simple refill date. Everyone’s prescriptions go out for delivery on the same day, or become available for pickup. Keeping you from making pharmacy trips for separate occasions. 

The best part is that we include this all free of charge. We’ve simplified the process of prescription refills and daily medication intake. We keep track, so you don’t have to! Our friendly pharmacy near you has all of the bases covered to make your life easier.

Medication Therapy Management

When you choose us as your pharmacy, before choosing our medication packet service, or maybe you would just like to do medication therapy management. Your pharmacist will go over all of your prescriptions and paperwork with you to make sure you fully understand what you’re taking. Also going through all possible side effects, or any questions and concerns you may have.

Medication therapy management is offered to you by our pharmacists every 90 days. We want to make sure you’re confident in the medications you’re taking and that you’re on the most effective prescription plan.

Men’s Health Packs

If you’re a man seeking a pharmacy near you, here’s some steps we take that may make choosing us a no brainer.

Managing your health and lifestyle is crucial to fulfilling a healthy life. As men get older, taking care of their health consists of more steps and preventing bigger possible issues. Utah Family Pharmacy has created their own treatment and solution to men’s health.

Utah Family Pharmacy has created products and solutions to Men’s Health.

ED and Prostate Care

When struggling with ED, it can take a hefty toll on a man’s personal life. At Utah Family Pharmacy we’re here to help you and get your body functioning the way it should. Nothing to be embarrassed about. If you’re struggling with ED, it means something in your normal functioning body is off and needs a solution. 

Our licensed doctors have years of experience in resolving E.D. related issues.

We’ve created private treatment plans that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Starting with a consult, you’ll then either pick up, or receive prescriptions that we’ve created discreet packaging for. No questions asked. ED problems are normal and we want to help you with a solution.

When it comes to prostate care, it’s also a common problem among men that shouldn’t be difficult to discuss with your pharmacy. Problems around experiencing an enlarged prostate are more common than most men know. It shouldn’t be hard for you to talk about or seek care. 

Schedule a consultation ,through phone or email, to get prescriptions through discreet packaging. Even delivery straight to your home. Men shouldn’t struggle with these health issues. 

Hair Loss

Doctor talking with patient in doctors office

As you’re getting older, men losing their hair is sadly completely normal. Though men may find it embarrassing, choosing a pharmacy that has solutions makes treatment simple.

Offering a variety of treatment plans for baldness, or hair loss. If you notice substantial thinning or bald spots in your hair or your hairline is receding, consult with one of our doctors or medical experts.

Once again, we have prescriptions we can send through mail discreetly. Preventing balding and stimulating hair growth. Stay confident and don’t suffer through hair loss when we offer so many solutions!

Quit Smoking


We know quitting a bad habit of nicotine addiction can be extremely difficult. If you’re struggling with quitting smoking, choosing a pharmacy that supports your desire to quit is the best option for you.

At Utah Family Pharmacy, we offer several certified treatments designed to help you quit your nicotine addiction. Finding a prescription solution that works for you and helps kill your nicotine addiction is our job. With our prescription delivery options, quitting your addiction could be right around the corner.

When choosing a pharmacy, find one that has solutions for anything you’re dealing with. Get relief through the help of Utah Family Pharmacy today!

Support Local Businesses

Demo reel long

Utah Family Pharmacy knows there’s many options when it comes to picking who you get your prescriptions through. So most importantly, when choosing a pharmacy near you, remember how great it is to support local businesses! 

Supporting local businesses is important because they provide opportunities for your city and create meaningful jobs with greater job self impact than positions with larger, chain companies. They help local economies grow, keeping money close to home and therefore supporting your neighborhoods and communities.

Not only is choosing a local pharmacy for you and your family good for your community, it’s good for you! Utah Family Pharmacy believes having a personal touch involved with your health is so important. Not only are we personal, but we provide an ample amount of benefits that make choosing us a pharmacy easy.

With free home delivery, or mailing options, med packs, free vitamins and much more! Our customer service goes above and beyond. Switch to Utah Family Pharmacy today. With multiple locations, contact a Pharmacy near you.